Sport Centrum Evropská


Unlimited pass to the gym


  1 month 3 month 1/2 year
monthly 690,- Kč 600,- Kč 490,-
amount to payment 690,- Kč 1 800,- Kč 3290,- Kč
  1. Pass is intended for gym and aerobic zone
  2. Customers can attend gym and AE zone unlimited during the validity of the pass. (visit freely)
  3. The pass is valid only for the defined period.  You can specify the start of the validity.
  4. The pass is not transferable. Eligibility (Legitimacy) for entry will be checked according to the photo taken when purchasing the pass.
  5. Entry will be allowed only by the attaching an electronic chip to the reader and by the authentification of the client.

Credit pass

As a member with a credit pass you have a discount for the following sport activities: squash, bowling, climbing wall, table tennis, aerobics, solarium, spinning, fitness hall, alpinning, indoor rowing, children’s nook and the bar. The discount is based on a credit value. Passes are transferable. Pass value is valid 1/2 year from the activation, only. Unused credits cannot be refunded. When making reservations, please state your pass number.

Type Conditions
Gold card credit 10 000 CZK - 20% discount for sport activities + 20% discount in sport shops
Silver card credit 5000 CZK - 15% discount for sport activities
Bronze card credit 3000 CZK - 10% discount for sport activities

Basic card     credit 1000,- CZK - 5% discount for sport activities

Pass validity 1/2 year – from last racharging

Loyalty Ilntelligent Pass

  • Is for single kind of sports. Specialy for: squash, aerobic (every kind lessons), fitness + AE zone, alpinning, spinning, indoor rowing, table tennis, climbing wall.
  • Basic price is calculate from amount for 10 entry.
  • At first buy you will get 10% discount. At every next buying you will get 1% discount more till 20%.


Pass validity is 1/2 year – from last racharging.
For squash is basic price 2 000,- CZK.

For example

  • Buy 10 entry (for example fitness cost 950,- CZK) 10% discount
  • 1. recharging 11% discount
  • 2. recharging 12% discount
  • 3. recharging 13% discount
  • 4. recharging 14% discount
  • 5. recharging 15% discount
  • 6. recharging 16% discount
  • 7. recharging 17% discount
  • 8. recharging 18% discount
  • 9. recharging 19%discount
  • 10. recharging 20% discount

Pass validity 1/2 year – from last racharging


Students discount

15% discount (does not include bar or shop service; for bowling and squash please submit 2 student cards) The discount can be combined with a unit discount card and is valid for fitness hall only (except spinning).

Season pass for squash

Season Period Discoun
winter   one fixed hour at the same time of the week - discount 20%
summer   one fixed hour at the same time of the week - discount 20%
winter + summer   one fixed hour at the same time of the week - discount 25%

Fixed reservation is possible until last day of the appropriate season. Price is set according to hours and time zone. Cancellation and refunds are only possible one day (24 hours) before the lesson starts. Remaining hours must be used for the same or cheaper time zone lessons - up until 1 month after the end of the season.

Solarium pass

Type and price Discount Lumina   Luxura 620
regular price 0% 5 CZK   14 CZK
A for 500 CZK 10% 4,50 CZK   12,60 CZK
B for 1000 CZK 15% 4,25 CZK   11,90 CZK
C for 2000 CZK 20% 4,00 CZK   11,20 CZK
D for 3000 CZK 25% 3,75 CZK   10,50 CZK

All passes have an electronic key and can be purchased for 250 CZK (refundable deposit).

Passes for POWER PLATE

Pass fo 10 visits  2 000,- Kč (1 lesson = 200,- Kč)

Pass for 20 visits  3 000,- Kč (1 lesson = 150,- Kč)

Pass validity 1/2 year – from last racharging