Types of aerobics

aerobik Aerobic
Aerobic exercise is a moderate intensity workout that extends over a certain period of time and uses oxygen in this process. You perform easy or more complicated choreography. It is very beneficial for health and trains the cardiovascular system. It is most appropriate for those in good over-all condition. It is not recommended for people with ankle or knee problems or for obese people.
aerobik Basic Step
Step exercise with easy choreography, especially for beginners.
Body Building
Intensive process of maximizing muscle hypertrophy through the combination of weight training. Steppers, bars and bands are used.
Body Styling
Toning of different parts of the whole body. It is mostly designed for those who prefer conditioning. After a warm up, easily steps follow. Lesson ends with stretching.
Fit Capoeira
Aerobic exercise with capoeira elements. Capoeira is Afro-Brasilian martial art – mixture of hits, kicks, advanced dance steps and acrobatics elements. All is accompanied with Brasilian rhythms (from Portugal capoeira songs to Brasilian samba). Capoeira is characteristic with its kicks, but it is not a kick aerobic. To properly practice capoeira, you require physical strength, muscle control and a good level of fitness. Helps muscles to be become more flexible.
Master Aerobic, Master Step
Extended advanced lessons with high-level choreography.
Mixed Aerobics
Condition training for everyone. Lessons start with endurance, slowly moving to strengthening with use of bands etc..
Exercise specialized to body forming (problematic areas).
Balance exercise aimed at improving body carriage and connecting the body and soul. It is suitable for those seeking to improve posture, strengthen the back and abdominals. Improves coordination, balance with concentration on breathing.
Power yoga
Dynamic exercise that combines aerobics and fitness training. It is aimed to improve your physical and psychological condition and concentration. The exercise is appropriate for everyone.
Step Aerobic
Intensive workout with plastic steps. This vertical training focuses on fat burning and good physical condition. Good for those who want to loose weight. Step exercises are good for upper-intermediate or advanced levels.
Step Body
Combination of basic step aerobic and toning for problematic body parts. Bands etc. can be used.
Tae Bo
Intensive training of the whole body. Combines taekwon-do, karate and boxing. It promotes endurance, power, speed and balance.