Solarium At Sport Center Evropská 3 different intensity solariums await you along with special solarium cosmetics from Oranjito.

Solarium Luxura - Lumina

This is recommended to people with sensitive skin and for and for those coming for the first time or after a long time.

Skin phototype Optimal time Max. time
II - scandinavian 6 min. 6 min.
III - central european 6 min. 18 min.
IV - mediterranean 12 min. 24 min.

Solarium Luxora - 620Sli

Recommended for high-advanced

Skin phototype Optimal time Max. time Optimal time Max. time
  Intensive Normal
II - scandinavian inconvenient
III - central european 4 min. 10 min. 5 min. 12 min.
IV - mediterranean 6 min. 15 min. 8 min. 18 min.