squash Detailed information about attendance, rules, classification and results can be found on Squashleague


  1. Squash league SCE is designed for amateurs
  2. League is mixed – men and women
  3. Players are in groups (5 people in each group; can be 6 – as wild card). After each match the 2 best players move up, 2 other players down.
  4. Matches are played according to calendar months – 10 matches in total; starting in October and ending in summer
  5. Season ends with a Masters Tournamen.
  6. Admission fee is 350 CZK
  7. Players can attend additional matches, but must be in a last group or must be from the wild card orto go to the highest group and the group must be balanced.
  8. Results are kept at the reception in “League book” and are signed with both players.
  9. Actual results are available at Squashleague
  10. Terms are arranged between players – matches can be hold on SCE courts only.
  11. Matches follow international squash rules - 3 winning sets up to 9 points with loss (if the players agree, they can play up to 11 points without loss)
  12. Matches are scheduled between players or can be agreed with a referee. Both players should choose a ball.


All matches must be played at Sport Center Evropská. All players have 15% discount from regular prices and a 10% discount for shopping at Sport Shop . When the reservation is made, we are allowed to charge a fee in case of a cancellation. If players do not cover this amount, they can be disqualified without the possibility of a refund of the admission fee.

Point evaluation

  1. 3 winning sets to 9 points without a loss (contingently after an agreement to 11 points without a loss).
  2. Each game is evaluated by points:
    • win = 3 points
    • failure = 1 point
    • forfeited match = 0 points (one side forfeited match = 3:0; both sides forfeited match = 0:0)
  3. Players collect points (based on success)
    • last player from a lower league gets 1 point, semifinal gets 2 points etc
    • first 3 players in 1st league get 5, 3 or 1 point
  4. Evaluation and succession:
    • all results are available on the website
    • final results are counted in 3 days after each round and players are placed to the other round
  5. Match criteria:
    • new match (mutual match or mini table from mutual matches)
    • total score in a group
    • placement in previous round


  • frequent competitor exchange
  • variety of types of players
  • better game
  • getting new friend and playmates
  • year-long match with valuable prizes
  • 10 % discount in local shop